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Italian black summer truffles are combined with champignon mushrooms and black olives to give you this scrumptious salsa. Just spread it on a slice of crusty bread or use in a variety of dishes like pasta, risotto to give them that extra edge! This aromatic blend of fine sea salt and Italian summer truffles, make the truffle salt an extremely versatile product. Use it as a seasoning atop your French fries or coddled eggs and make them gourmet, or you can even use it as an ingredient to elevate the taste of your meals. It instantly makes an everyday meal into something a little special! A simple drizzle of the black truffle oil – with its earthy aroma and a lingering flavour is enough to up your culinary game. Flavoured with black truffle essence, this is the perfect finishing oil for your pesto pasta, grilled pizza or even warm goat’s cheese salad!
80 gm Truffle Salsa, 100gm Truffle Salt And 100 ml Black Truffle Oil

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